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Posted 2 years ago

Coffee Prince [Awards and nominations] Yoon Eun Hye Best Actress!

20th Korean Producers’ Award

  • Best TV drama

44th Baeksang Arts Awards

  • BEST ACTRESS: Yoon Eun Hye (Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점, MBC)
  • BEST NEW PRODUCER: Lee Yoon Jung (Coffee Prince, MBC)

2007 MBC Acting Awards:

  • Top Excellence in Acting (Yoon Eun Hye)
  • Excellence in Acting (Gong Yoo)
  • Best PD Award (Kim Chang Wan)
  • Nomination - Excellence in Acting (Chae Jung Ahn)
  • Nomination - Excellence in Acting (Lee Sun Gyun)
  • Nomination - Best New Actor (Lee Eon)
  • Nomination - Best Drama
  • Nomination - Best Couple Award (Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo)
  • Nomination - Best Couple Award (Chae Jung Ahn and Lee Sun Gyun)
  • Nomination - Popularity Award (Gong Yoo)
  • Nomination - Popularity Award (Yoon Eun Hye)

Posted 2 years ago

Yoon Eun Hye Chooses Her Ideal Man In High Cut Interview

Let’s begin. Who’s closer to you ideal type between Kang Ji Hwan and Joo Ji Hoon?

Haha, well…I guess I’m more comfortable with Ji Hoon. We were in Goong together as colleagues who have grown up (in career) together like friends. He’s honest and I still have good memories of him from back then.
Honestly, both are not really my style as an ideal man. Kang Ji Hwan has a pretty man style and is kind, but you know how women don’t like men who are kind to every woman (laugh). So if I must choose between the two, I’d give a vote to Joo Ji Hoon with a caring mind.

Okay, then the second match is between Gong Yoo and Lee Sun Gyun of Coffee Prince.

Ah, this one is tough since I thought Gong Yoo was closer to my ideal type back then but Lee Sun Gyun has become more attractive after his marriage. Um..but if I had to pick an ideal type, I think Lee Sun Gyun is closer to my ideal type.

Then what about between yesterday’s hot trend and today’s hot trend, Hyun Bin and Kim Soo Hyun?

Well, of course you’d have to go with today’s hot trend, right? haha..I don’t know Kim Soo Hyun that well, but I think he has a nice voice and he acts well. I thought his image when he acted was very attractive since his debut days.

The final match is between Jung Il Woo and Kim Jong Kook. Which is closer to your ideal type?

Wah~ between Jung Il Woo and Kim Jong Kook? Aren’t their styles too different? Il Woo may be disappointed if he hears this but I don’t really like younger men. Il Woo is more of a hard working cute friend to me. I think Kim Jong Kook would be closer to my ideal type.

I guess you like guys who are big and muscular?

No. It’s just that I hope the guy makes me look thin when I’m standing next to him. I think since I was a young girl, I’ve always wanted to be the feminine girl when standing next to a guy.

Hmmm, so we have decided on who will be the candidates for the second round. But we’ll just skip the round and go straight to the final. Who is the final winner of the ideal type from Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Sun Kyun, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Jong Gook?

Wah~this is so tough. Either Sun Kyun oppa or Jong Gook oppa. Ji Hoon oppa makes me nervous because he is too handsome. And I shouldn’t consider Kim Soo Hyun since he is so much younger than me~ that would almost be a crime, a crime.

Oh I see..then we have two people left, who’s the final winner?

As for outer appearance, it would be close to Sun Kyun oppa. As for personality, it would be close to Jong Gook oppa. Sung Kyun oppa is a family man who works hard. It’s really great to see how is these days because he loves his kids and is very caring to his wife. Jong Gook oppa is good at taking care of himself. I thought it’d be great to be the girlfriend of someone like that.

It’s A World Cup game so YEH had to choose between the 4 guys till the final round YEH chose Lee Sun Gyun and Kim Jong Kook in the end so they are the winners, but Lee Sun Gyun is already married to he doesn’t really count.

credit: CDBLOOM for english translation